Why Tapco

SECURITY: This seems to be a word we hear on a regular basis today i.e... Homeland Security, Border Security, and the security of our homes and families. At TAPCO, Inc., we can help put your mind at ease by providing real security against burglars, vandals and hurricanes by installing one of our many series of security screens and doors (we'll leave boarder homeland and security to Uncle Sam.)

"Better than the Rest!" That's a bold statement and sounds like marketing hype. But it's not -- we hate hype as much as we do voicemail! We know there are other places you can go and get security screens and doors - but we think you will be hard pressed to find anyone who puts as much heart and soul and attention to detail into a product as we do. Because it's the little things that matter and make the difference between a good product and a great product you are proud to stand behind.

EXPERIENCE: TAPCO, Inc has been in business since 1965. We started manufacturing screens and windows for residential homes. We included a lineal distribution division in the early 80's under the name of Ace Metal Products which made us a Manufacturer and Distributor of window and screen lineals and components. In the late 80's and early 90's we expanded into security screens and security doors. Since then our business has grown more in the direction of security screens and security doors serving Public Housing, Schools, Colleges and Military Bases. As a result of this we sold the lineal and component division and are now fully concentrating on security screens and doors for the residential and commercial customer.

TAPCO, Inc. is now proud to announce that we have a screen that meets the rigid standards to meet all of the Florida codes for hurricane window protection.

DEPENDABLE: We stand behind our work at every level. We've been doing that for over 42 years with Home Owners, Contractors, Public Housing as well as Architects and have a reputation as "someone you can trust."

FAST: In today's market speed is essential. Call us and let us know how fast you need it (we promise not to laugh).

CUSTOM PROJECTS: We like the challenge. Give us a call and let us show you what we can really do.


Looking for Eternal Security?