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SPR (Single Point Release) Latches

Typical windows have a single locking device at the center of the window, providing limited security.

Security screens regularly have a 2-point latch release located at the base of the screen, one on each side.  This creates potential problems for the elderly, children and the handicapped. This problem can be life threatening during the need for quick exit. 

The SPR series of latches (single point release) was designed to eliminate the need for two hands to be used on security screens by locating a one point locking system at the center base of the screen, creating a quicker and easier exit for all people regardless of age or physical ability. SPR not only provides effortless, uncomplicated operation but improves security by providing a 3-point locking system that no other lock has.

Yes, SPR latches with a 2 point locking system are also available upon request for retro-fits on existing screens as well as our complete series of Tapco security screens. Browse our catalog or call us with your custom job requirements.

TAPCO believes this is a lifesaving latch and even though TAPCO is a manufacturer of security screens and competes with other security screen manufactures, they are making SPR latches available to any and every one.