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  • Experienced
  • Dependable
  • Fast
  • Specializes in custom projects
  • No project is too hard!

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Based in Tupelo, Mississippi, Tapco, Inc. is small enough to change course and get projects done faster than our competition. And we do it with a great pride in our work and amazing attention to detail. It's why we guarantee our work and your satisfaction. After all, “A man's word is all he's got”
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Tapco: the professional's first choice

Whether you are an architect, contractor or responsible for building maintenance, we are manufactures of quality security screens, security doors and latches and are here to:

  • answer your questions,
  • get the job done according to your specifications and
  • get it there on time.

WMC-TV Investigates to see if our claims are true. How'd we do?

The Patented Tapco SPR Latches

Single Point Release LatchTypical windows have a single locking device at the center of the window, providing limited security. Security screens regularly have a 2-point latch release located at the base of the screen, one on each side.  This creates potential problems for the elderly, children and the handicapped. This problem can be life threatening during the need for quick exit.
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