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Hurricane Screens have all seen to many times when an approaching hurricane is bearing down on a community, people applying plywood to windows in hopes of protecting them if and when the storms hits. So we decided to see just how protective a piece of 3/4" plywood would be using the same projectile test that the Florida Code uses. We fired a 9 foot 2 x 4 weighing 9.5 pounds at 35 mph approximately 16 feet from the target, if not for the backstop the 2 x 4 would have gone completely through the plywood, thus making plywood unacceptable in protecting windows (continue reading below video).

At TAPCO, Inc. we believe that a business or home owner should have the comfort of knowing their windows are protected at an affordable price. So we designed a hurricane screen that will protect you and your home at all times, not just in the hurricane season with price being a priority.

TAPCO screens are made of heavy extruded aluminum heavily reinforced at strategic places to give maximum strength. We use .035 12 x 12 stainless steel wire in our screens, allowing the home owner or business to mount the screens directly to the window. By doing this TAPCO screens will not take away the cosmetic appearance the home owner or business desires at an affordable price. TAPCO screens also protects your windows from vandals and burglars year round with the ability to see out at all times. One of the many other aspects TAPCO screens offer is a one time installation, no running around trying to find plywood, wraps or shutters and someone to install them and then after the storm is over take them down. In the event a screen is damaged or torn the cost to replace, in most cases the wire, is a lot cheaper than impact glass or a shutter.

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TAPCO's 900-HS hurricane screen has been tested and approved to meet the rigorous Florida state codes. This screen is now in production and available for ordering by phoning 1-800-737-8272.

More screens are currently scheduled for testing in the days ahead. When testing is completed we'll be updating this section of the website.

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